ReusePac, a reusable alternative to cardboard boxes, are based on two innovative interlock mechanisms of one piece folders. They’re tangible and sustainable solutions for supply chains, eCommerce, retailers and consumers.

ReusePac is a world leader in reusable box innovations and supplies.

ReusePac has no weld, no flute dead angle, no accessory for easy and thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

Plastics: ReusePac provides Zero Waste Solutions by using reusable and 100% recyclable polypropylene, superior to Single Use Plastics.

Compostable Cardboard boxes: Enormous amounts in landfill are harmful to the environment.

Recycling Cardboard: is not so Eco-friendly. 

ReusePac Circular Model vs. Cardboard Box Take, Make, Waste Linear Model / Recycle Model 

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Reusable boxes
Reusable boxes in colors