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Our Markets

ReusePac Inc. is a world leader in reusable box innovations and supplies, offering the best designed and cheaper reusable boxes. They’re money saving, zero waste Eco solutions for supply chains, eCommerce, retail, producers, foods and produces suppliers, groceries, cold chains, automobiles, consumers, schools and the society to reuse boxes.  Circular ring and ReusePac boxes are made in the US and major countries in the world.  We quickly supply box samples, and are capable of handling large orders timely.

Reusable boxes in colors


Saving 60% to 80% Costs, Cheaper Boxes in the Market



Reused over 100 Times, Taking 275 lb. Stack Loads, Fluted Protection


One Piece Folder, Easy to Assemble & Disassemble Light Weight


Reducing Natural Resource Consumption and Carbon Footprints


Reusable, 100% Recyclable
Not Single Use Plastics


Unless It’s for Sealing or Mailing


Easily Wash, Sanitize & Dry, Firm as Cold Chain Boxes


Customized Reusable Boxes on Your Needs

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Reused over 100 times, ReusePac Inc. supplies the innovative and light weight coroplast reusable boxes to businesses and customers for broad and versatile applications, functioning as reusable shipping box, storage box, moving box, eCommerce box, grocery shopping tote, retail tote, cold chain box etc. Consumers can use the same box for both mailing and storage.  We  help your business to have the logo printed on the boxes for active branding and return.

supply chain warehouse reusable boxes by ReusePac Inc.

Circular ring is a trademark for consumers’ reusable alternative to cardboard boxes and single-use shopping bags, offering business opportunities in both profits and Eco benefits at the same time. It stops wasting money and the environment. It’s the sustainable lifestyle with passion and pride to reuse boxes!                                 —  the Founder

Our Products

Interlocked Flap Reusable Box

Erected from the blank, box flaps are interlocked at the opposite sides, also collapsible folded in small sizes to keep.

Grocery Shopping & Carrying Tote

Grocery and retail shopping, carrying with handles. Same light weight tote can be used for heavy duty products.

Customized Reusable Box

We do custom designs according to your needs, supplying product samples quickly,.

Rod & C Groove Interlock Post Bulk Container

Can sit on any regular pallets, low costs, taking heavy stack loads, one piece folder.

Sales Opportunities

Are you aware that the upcoming circular economy is worth $4.5 trillion for businesses?  ReusePac presents opportunities for business owners and individuals who have sales background and business connections based on the broad and trendy applications in large amount.  Are you in the packaging marketing and sales?  Do you have supply chain or specific segment network?  Do you own a local packaging or container business?  Or do you simply know someone?   Join the ReusePac team, gain profits and fulfill Eco purposes at the same time!

Marketing Sales Distribution Team

Latest News

ReusePac won the Semi-Finalists of The Protective Packaging Design Challenge hosted by Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). As suggested by the Challenge, all the finalists are producers of foams, insulation, mushroom packages, big lunch box types, ReusePac won it even in the category of reusable boxes.

A milestone utility patent on the ReusePac box designs was granted by USPTO.


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