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ReusePac Inc. is a world leader committed to breakthrough innovations and supplies of corrugated PP reusable boxes and totes with the best designs and low costs. The broad applications and zero waste solutions save big money for supply chains, consumers, eCommerce, groceries, retail, foods, produce, cold chain, distribution, manufacturing, automotive, apparel, healthcare, schools and the society to reuse boxes.  Our reusable corrugate PP boxes and totes are made in the US and major countries in the world.  We quickly supply samples, and are capable of handling large orders timely.

Reusable boxes alternative to cardboard boxes
Reusable Tote Boxes Folding
ReusePac reusable tote boxes


Saving 60% – 80% Costs over Cardboard Boxes, Made in USA



Reused over 100 Times, Taking 275 lb. Stack Loads, Fluted Protection


One Piece Folder, Easy to Assemble & Collapse Folding, Light Weight


Reducing Natural Resource Consumption and Carbon Footprints


Reusable, 100% Recyclable
Not Single Use Plastics


Unless for Sealing or Mailing. It’s Self Locking


Quick Wash & Dry, Firm for Frozen Foods & Cold Chain


Customized Reusable Boxes on Your Needs

ECO Trends and Pledges

COP26: World leaders pledge to end deforestation by 2030.

COP26: 105 countries pledge to cut methane emissions by 30 percent.

Two reusable boxes in your hands can save a mature tree from cardboard boxes and reduce methane emission from cardboard decomposition in landfill.

Let’s respond to urgent calls with impact of reusable boxes in hands of billions and businesses of millions.


COP26 pledge on methane and deforestation cardboard boxes

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Reuse over 100 times, ReusePac Inc. supplies the innovative and light weight fluted PP reusable boxes to businesses and customers for broad applications, functioning as reusable shipping box, storage box, moving box, eCommerce box, grocery shopping tote box, retail tote box, cold chain box etc. Consumers can use the same box for both mailing and storage.  We help your business by printing logos on boxes to promote branding, sorting and returns.

supply chain warehouse reusable boxes by ReusePac Inc.
Reusable moving boxes
Reusable Tote Boxes for Grocery shopping

ReusePac is the reusable alternative to cardboard boxes and single-use shopping bags for businesses and customers to gain profits and Eco benefits at the same time. It saves big money, fights climate change & reverses deforestation with the boxes in your hands! It’s modern sustainable lifestyle with passion and pride to reuse boxes! —  the Founder

Our Products

reusable box flat blank

Interlocked Flap & Snap Fit Reusable Boxes

Erected from the blank, box flaps are interlocked for simplicity and strength.

Reusable tote boxes with interlocked flaps and snap fits

Low Cost, Light Weight Totes & Mail Totes

For grocery and retail shopping, or for organizing home and office. Light weight.

ReusePac customized reusable box

Customized Reusable Boxes

We do custom designs to your needs, supplying product samples quickly.

ReusePac bulk container

Rod in C-Groove Corner Post Bulk Containers

Fit on any regular pallets, low costs, thin walls saving material heavy stack loads on posts.

Sales and Distributions

          Are you aware that upcoming circular economy is worth $5 trillion for businesses?  Are you in packaging marketing and sales business?  Do you deal with retails, supply chain or any specific sectors?  Are you tired of biddings?  How about selling patented products in specifications with high margins?  Or do you simply know someone?   Join the ReusePac network, make good profits and fulfill Eco purposes at the same time!

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Latest News

ReusePac launched corrugated PP nestable & reusable space age totes / mail totes made in USA. Breakthrough innovations make low cost manufacturing possible by only one die-cut.  Unlike expensive mail totes with dozens of welds made by hands, ReusePac nestable space age totes / mail totes only cost you a half or less.  For details, please visit:


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