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Environmental Impact

ReusePac reduces cardboard solid waste in landfills by up to 95% and leads up to a 85% reduction in carbon footprint, 82% reduction in energy.  Reusable boxes significantly save natural resources and help reverse deforestation.  ReusePac is made of the most Eco friendly materials such as PP, recycled PP and cardboard, biodegradable sargassum seaweed.

Saving 60%-80% money

Low carbon, biodegradable

Reuse up to 100 times, made from high-rate recycled polypropylene (PP).  Walmart Recycling Playbook:  PP container, circular economy solution.


Closing the Box Bottom

Cardboard Boxes: need to get bottom panels closed and sealed with packing tapes.

ReusePac: eliminates any work and packing tapes on the bottom.

Reusable Box

No work on reusable box bottom

Cardboard Box

Cardboard box bottom need to close

Packing Tapes

 Cardboard Boxes: A cardboard box needs packing tapes to seal both the top and bottom.

ReusePac: Self-locking, doesn’t need packing tapes unless for mailing.

Packing tapes damage cardboard box surfaces, but leaving ReusePac box surface intact.

Reusable Box

ReusePac reusable boxes with innovative flap interlocks

Cardboard Box

Collapsed Sizes

Cardboard Boxes: collapse in two layers and bigger sizes.

ReusePac: can be collapse folded to compact sizes, easy to carry and keep.

A Half Size Collapse

Reusable box collapse to small size

A Quarter Size Collapse

ReusePac reusable box collapse folding compact size

Time Spent to Build

and Seal a Box

The average time to assemble and seal: 34 sec on a cardboard box vs. 18 sec on a ReusePac box.

Reusable Box

Cardboard Box

Circular Model vs. Linear Model

Cardboard Boxes: linear model create enormous amount of landfill solid waste, while recycling to reprocess is too arduous to be Eco friendly.

ReusePac: Circular model is brief, simply and efficient on all aspects.

Reusable box circular model vs cardboard box linear model.

Advantages & Comparisons with Other Plastic Boxes

Fluted PP reusable boxes with Velcro, buckles, or accessories are harder and costly to make.

Collapsible plastic containers are expensive and heavy, only used for storage but not for shipping.

Nestable plastic containers with separate lids, are heavy, not collapsible, not for shipping.

Nestable Tote Box Welded Labor Costly

Tens of ultrasonic welds by hands on expensive nestable Mail Totes

Nestable reusable space age mail totes much cheaper

ReusePac nestable space age totes / mailer totes have no welds.

Side fold down boxes can't build height.

Side flaps fold down and tuck in boxes can’t build box height.

Reusable boxes alternative to cardboard boxes

ReusePac are good for box height & heavy stack loads.

Bulk Container / Sleeve Pack

  • Other sleeve packs need customized pallets to sit on, and thick walls to take stacks.
  • ReusePac bulk containers fit on all standard pallets and take heavy stack loads, with interlocked corner posts and thin walls.
ReusePac hollow rod and C groove interlock post bulk container

Circular ring Reusable Box Money Saving & Eco Benefit Calculator

Benefit calculations are based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies, please check annotations below for details.


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