Cardboard Boxes

  • Cardboard boxes are compostable but substantially harmful to the environment.

  • Cardboard boxes are expensive and cost you extra everyday!

  • Cardboard boxes account for 30% solid wastes in landfill, emitting methane during decomposition.

  • The latest research showed that less than 70% cardboard is actually recycled.  

  • Millions of acres of trees and forest are cut down to make cardboard boxes each year.

  • COP26: US and EU announce global pledge to slash methane emission.

  • COP26: World leaders pledge to end deforestation by 2030.

Status Quo

  • More than 100 billion cardboard boxes are produced and used in the US alone annually, and still increasing due to booming eCommerce.
  • Manufacturing cardboard consumes enormous amount of natural resources, trees, energy, water, petroleum, and labor.
  • Cardboard is the single largest component of municipal solid waste, emitting methane gas during decomposition.

Recycling to Reprocess

consume a half amount of natural resources and emit a half amount of pollutants into the air, water, and soil compared to making cardboard from trees.  Recycling cardboard sounds great but still poses great negative impact to the environment.

Cardboard industry consume natural resources and polluting
Recycling cardboard to reprocess

Greetings to Eco conscious consumers, advocates and gen Z and milennials.

Applaud to reusable packaging professionals and customers.

ReusePac fills big void between cardboard boxes and plastic containers.

Two reusable boxes in hands can save a mature tree !

Reusable boxes in colors


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