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Environmental Impact

Reusable packaging plays an important role in greatly reducing the environmental impact of supply chains. ReusePac offers users a long, beneficial life of their packaging and a truly circular model. A single reusable packaging item eliminates the need for dozens of single-use cardboard packaging items, preventing them from entering landfills. Reusable packaging reduces the amount of solid waste in landfills by up to 86%. ReusePac eliminates the need to recycle or manufacture new single use packaging items, leading up to a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Single-use packaging systems use a significantly higher amount of water and fuel during production, disposal, and recycling than reusable packaging.  ReusePac helps reverse deforestation.

Cut 60% - 80% Costs

A Zero Waste Solution

After reuse dozens of times, polypropylene (PP) that the reusable boxes are made of is 100% recyclable. Shredded PP floats on surface of water and easily collected in recycling processes.


Closing the Box Bottom

Cardboard Boxes: need to get bottom panels closed and sealed with packing tapes.

ReusePac: eliminates any work and packing tapes on the bottom.

Circular ring reusable box

Cardboard Box

Packing Tapes

Cardboard Boxes: A cardboard box needs packing tapes to seal both the top and bottom.

ReusePac: Self-locking, doesn’t need packing tapes unless it’s for sealing, mailing and shipping.

Packing tapes damage cardboard box surfaces, but leaving ReusePac box surface intact.

Circular ring reusable box

Cardboard Box

Folding Sizes

Cardboard Boxes: collapse in two layers and bigger sizes,

ReusePac: Circular ring reusable boxes are easily folded in four layers and half size to keep at home or in cars.

Circular ring reusable box vs Cardboard Box

Time spent to Setup

and Seal a Box

The average time to assemble and seal: 34 sec on a cardboard box vs. 18 sec on a ReusePac box.

Circular ring reusable box

Cardboard Box

Circular vs Linear

Cardboard Boxes: linear model create enormous amount of langfill solid waste, while recyle and reprocess model is still lenthy and complicated to the environment.

ReusePac: Circular ring model is short, simple and Eco friendly.

Circular Model vs Cardboard Box Linear & Recycle Model

Advantages over Other Platic Boxes

Fluted PP reusable boxes with Velcro, tuck in locking or accessories have many over layers limiting box height.

Collapsible plastic boxes are expensive and heavy, can only used for storage but not for shipping.

Nesting plastic boxes with separate lids, are not collapsible, not for shipping. 

Bulk Container / Sleeve Pack

Other sleeve packs need customized pallets to sit on, ReusePac bulk containers universally fit on all standard pallets and take thousands of pounds of stack loads.

Circular ring Reusable Box Money Saving & Eco Benefit Calculator

Benefit calculations are based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies, please check annotations below for details.


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