tangible circular ring ReusePac reusable box solutions reduce three hurricane disasters
Tangible reusable boxes positive impact to the environment

Pulp & Paper Industry is One of the Top Polluters

What kind of positive impact it could make to the environment if reusable boxes substitute 10% cardboard boxes? What if reusable boxes substitute 20% cardboard boxes in the world?  We consume 600 billion cardboard boxes annually worldwide and still increasing due to booming eCommerce.  As a result, the pulp and paper industry make 600 billion cardboard boxes a year at huge expenses of the environment, natural resources and carbon footprint.

ReusePac Helps Reverse Deforestation

Forests cover 30 percent of Earth’s land surface, which is critical index to mark the health of the environment. The wood harvested for “industrial” fully 42 percent goes to paper production. Cardboard is corrugated paper and much thicker. Many eco conscious people have been questioning what to do differently for the environment in our daily lives.  Based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies, if we reuse box for 50 times, we may have saved 0.33 fully grown trees in the forest.   If we reuse three boxes 50 times, we may have saved one fully grown tree from cutting down to make cardboard boxes.  Provided that one hundred million people and businesses reuse boxes instead of cardboard, we may have saved hundreds of millions trees.

Why Not Reuse Boxes?

We use reusable bottles to refill dinking water. We reuse straws now to reduce the ocean plastics. Meanwhile we still use numerous cardboard boxes for our Amazon delivery, or at home and for purposes anywhere else.  Can we slow down and count the number of cardboard boxes we used each week?  Or do you or your husband periodically and specifically spending time to tear down cardboard boxes in order to recycle them?  Have you ever thought to reuse boxes and wonder if there are well designed reusable boxes and containers available in the market?  And these reuse boxes are as light as cardboard boxes and even easier for reuse?

Reuse Is More Efficient Than Recycle

All of us have been voluntarily recycling for decades. Besides that, are there any new measures to tackle the global warming and at meantime without sacrificing our life style? The answer is yes. Changing to sustainable life style reduces carbon footprints and accomplishes zero waste goals by “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. Among the threes “R”s, Reuse accounts for the first role in the sustainability and circular economy. If we take a look around us, what is one of the product materials that could be reused in enormous amount?  How about cardboard?

ReusePac Simplicity Eco Benefits at Scale

ReusePac Inc. launched the best designed and cheapest reusable boxes in the market.  Under the brand name of circular ring, we aim to save you 60% – 80% money. Furthermore, our solutions also significantly cut down carbon emission, reduce consumption on natural resource, and solid waste in landfill. Together with our customers, it’s our determination to save millions of acres of forests and trees.  All of these can be achieved with simple measures in our daily lives: reuse the handy and tangible boxes!  It will not lower our living standards, but elevate to sustainable lifestyle with passion, vogue, pride and even much convenience.

For quantitative details that how Reusepac boxes benefit the environment, natural resources and pollution and carbon emission reductions, please visit Benefits page in the website, and the Calculator.

Everything is made ready for us to reuse boxes.  Let’s act in our daily lives starting with the handy and tangible boxes. More importantly, we lead the trend and augment to billions of people that consequently benefiting the environment with impact.