Luckily, I’ve found the ReusePac tote boxes for my grocery shopping, as a result, it’s so helpful for me to deal with the plastic bag ban in our state. As a matter of fact, ReusePac makes grocery shopping easier. Check this video:

Simple Grocery Shopping with ReusePac Tote Box

Basically it saves from headache to hang several bags or totes in hands. The new norm for me is like this: bringing the light weight tote box to a cart, pushing into the store to shop and load. Compared to totes, it’s even super If I buy any frozen foods, the Reusepac tote box is condensation water resistant! Unlike before, I check out without any bags or totes, the cashier help put all the stuff into my tote box in the cart. Following pushing the cart to the car, carrying the loaded tote box into the car trunk, I drive home and carry the tote box to garage and kitchen. After unloading the tote box, the ReusePac tote box becomes an organizer in my car trunk before the next grocery shopping.


Firstly, Reuse hundreds of times instead of single use, saving money for customers. Secondly, a light weight fluted polypropylene tote box solution. Thirdly, our tote boxes in stock are in light blue, gray and white colors, we help make custom colors, logos and designs to promote branding and business. 4. ReusePac tote boxes can be easily assembled and disassembled and collapsed. Pushing side flaps in to interlock and unlock. 5. The current tote size is 20X16X10 inch. 6. ReusePac are corrugated or fluted, as light weight as cardboard. 7. Water proof to resist condensation water for frozen foods, easy to wash and dry. 8. Strong enough to take over 250 lb. stack load, and hold 60 lb. 9. Organizers for car trunk, office and home. 10. Eco friendly.

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