Here come reusable moving boxes! Everybody experienced using dozens of carboard boxes to pack belongings when we move from one location to another. Shortly after the moving, we hate spending time and effort to crush and tear down cardboard boxes for disposal.

Single Use Cardboard Boxes for Moving

We movie home, relocate for a new job, it ‘s one time deal over a long period of time. So we rent a truck, or hire a moving company, hire movers to carry furniture and things around. It also makes most of the moving boxes single use. Here’s the problem: how to deal with one time use cardboard boxes? The recycle bin is too small to hold all the boxes, they are disposed and end up in municipal dump sites. Every year, millions of people move homes and relocate by using hundreds of millions cardboard boxes. In addition, the single use generates greater costs and negative impact to the environment.

No Need of Packing Tapes

With circular ring reusable moving boxes, you do not need to use packing tapes to wrap around the boxes. Or you may use one piece of packing tape to seal each box, and peal off later without damaging the reusable box surfaces.

Rent Reusable Moving Boxes

The truck and large container rental companies rent the circular ring reusable boxes before you move by keeping some deposits. Once you finish clear your stuff out of the boxes in you destination, you simply disassemble the boxes and flatten the boxes to flat panels. Then you return the flat box panels back along with the rental truck, and get your deposit money back. You save money over buying cardboard boxes. And if you want to keep some circular boxes, simply do so from the moving or rental companies.

Saving Money, the Environment and Trees

The moving companies, rental companies and consumers all save money, make money and meanwhile saving the environment and trees, low carbon footprints. ReusePac offers opportunities in expanded scope of rental businesses and Eco credits to our conscious consumers.

ReusePac Inc. made breakthrough innovations on reusable moving boxes, with never seen before simplicity, light weight and protective features on moving boxes and containers.