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      Are you aware that the upcoming circular economy is worth $4.5 trillion in businesses? ReusePac is a world leader in reusable box innovations and supplies, presenting great opportunities for businesses and individuals who have the sales minds and business connections.  Join the marketing and sales team, gain profits and fulfill Eco purposes at the same time!

Marketing Sales Distribution Team
  • Broad applications in all sectors, sales volume are normally based on needs in quantities.
  • You have protections on accounts, territories, specific sectors and sales commissions.
  • Our products are the best designed and cheapest in the market, giving strong competitive edge.
  • Further protected in IP proprietaries. We also supply customized reusable boxes in your needs.
  • Retailers only carry circular ring boxes in popular sizes, there’re actually needs for various custom sizes in the market.
  • Rapidly supplying box samples, and capable of handling large orders timely.

Reusable Packaging and Applications 101

      ReusePac is a world leader in reusable box innovations and supplies.  We do marketing and sales of reusable boxes while advocating waste reduction thru “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, and provide tangible and sustainable solutions with broad applications.

Reusable Box Packaging Category

      Our business is in the packaging industry, further branched to rigid packaging or sustainable packaging. Our products are in particular the category of reusable packaging under sustainable packaging, and niched in the term of reusable box.  Surprisingly to many, packaging is one of the largest industries in the world.  In regard to the market category, ReusePac serves both the industrial market and consumer market.

      Cardboard boxes in great quantities actually present enormous market opportunities for reusable boxes, either for shipping, mailing, moving, storage, eCommerce, supply chains, warehouses, retailers, consumers, at home.  The broad applications cover all sectors in the society, including automobile, parts, electronics, foods, produce and fruit, education etc. 

Reusable Box Packaging Classification

      Packaging comprises of three classes in terms of containing scenarios.  Primary packaging is in direct contact with the product itself, such as beer bottles, pouches or ReusePac reusable shoes boxes.

      Secondary packaging’s main purpose is for branding display and logistical purposes.  The best examples are cardboard boxes with or without printed brandings, plus the alternative reusable boxes made by ReusePac. 

      Tertiary packaging facilitates the protection, handling and transportation of a series of sales units or secondary packaging in order to group everything into large unit loads normally on pallets during transit among warehouses, for instance, crates, or ReusePac reusable bulk containers or sleeve packs. 


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