Consumer Market and Society

Do you reuse box for mailing after empty a long time storage box?  Or vise versa do you reuse a mailing or shipping box for storage?  Have you reused moving boxes at the time or after you move?  Aren’t you a hater to labor and dispose cardboard after receiving them from eCommerce periodically?  I like to reuse two open top reusable boxes for my grocery shopping like what they gave me in Costco, but in cardboard.  Or I just want one or two boxes around me for a long time etc. etc.  All these needs reveal a gigantic consumer gap for reusable boxes.

Supply Chains

You’re a producer and ship products out to the same or similar customers month after month.  Repeatedly your products are in same size cardboard boxes which cost you and will be dumped or pressed by your customers.  One good option: you reuse boxes printed with your brands and your customers disassemble the boxes easily, sort and stack up on pallets, then sending back by the delivery trucks with plenty room?

College Students in the Summer

During the summer, college students leave the campus but keep their belongings in cardboard boxes for nearby storage.  Can storage companies rent reusable boxes to these Eco conscious young advocates so that the moving boxes and storage boxes  are reused? 

These are just a few example application cases describing the market gaps in the present market gaps that needs to fill.