Question: Many people like myself have concerns on throwing away so many cardboard boxes for a long time, why aren’t there any changes on a simple box?

Answer: Container companies have been working on reusable box development over the years, by targeting corrugated cardboard boxes. But box designs are still limited in the following patterns: 1. Big lunch box types of reusable boxes with zips. 2. Injection molding heavy plastic boxes or totes. 3. Fluted polypropylene(PP) reusable boxes with weld joints; 4. Injection molding collapsible plastic boxes. They are either too heavy or expensive and serve only one purpose of storage.

The simpler a box is, the harder it is to make major changes to boxes which only have 6 faces and 12 edges, ReusePac successfully made breakthrough innovations on reusable boxes, light in weight like cardboard, assembled and disassembled, one box can be used for both shipping and storage, and they are the cheapest in the market for broad applications.